Facebook Is Actually Saving Lives

What is the population of the world? More than 7 billion. Y’all must know the psychology of personal space. Mark Zuckerberg is a psychologist. Whether he knows it or not, he’s saving more than a roomful of people from losing it. What would they do if they lost it? Who knows? There’s a wide range […]

Calling All Sleep Travelers

Let’s reach out to the poor in flood affected areas and try to guide them out of danger. I don’t know if it works but give it a try. My own grandma whom I haven’t seen for years due to a political reason, once spoke to me through a flowing mountain stream. I heard her […]


I am in no way blaming a political party nor am I representing any. This is a mere hypothesis that dawned upon me. You can call it a hunch. Don’t read further if you’re bored already. Okay. Is the Government of India responsible for geoengineering Cyclone Fani to destroy a certain voter base? Why did […]

The Beginning Of The End

In the beginning was the Word. Now it’s a number. 1/137 She’s been disturbed. Nature is all powerful. She doesn’t care if we are polluting the oceans or the skies or our own lungs. She has been here for a long, long time, watching as we incorrigible infighting fools kill each other by depleting our […]

Is Cyclone Fani Artificial?

Is the CIA trying to get rid of the one of a kind military facility that it helped build for the Indian government during the times of Indira Gandhi? It is common knowledge that there are only 4 airfields in the country owned by the ARC. It used to be the aerial surveillance wing for […]